Hawk Security and Consultancy Services Limited is an established firm providing professional security and consultancy services to businesses of all types and sizes. The Hawk management team has decades of experience in close security and operational security, allowing us to offer expert advice to our clients and build the best team to fulfil all our customers’ needs.

When it comes to our security guards, each and every one is vetted by what giving you all-important peace of mind. We’ve used our years of industry insights to offer a comprehensive package of effective and cost-efficient services for a wide range of sectors. We can work with retail managers and corporate managers to help them make the very best use of their budgets.

We really do offer the full package – all delivered by our professional attitude towards the very important success goal. At Hawk, everything we do has a focus on quality. We have rigorous company policies in place to ensure all our staff know what we expect from them – and what they can expect from us as an employer.